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Carolines on Broadway Comedy Club Re-Opening in New York City


NEW YORK (WABC) — An iconic venue in Times Square will welcome audiences back once again this weekend.

$16 billion in federal aid will soon reach New York City’s Theater District thanks to a bill passed by Congress to help live performance venues that were forced the close due to the pandemic. The first Broadway shows aren’t scheduled to open until September, but smaller places are set to get going again very soon.

Carolines on Broadway comedy club is going to be the first place in the Times Square area to come back to life after more than a year.

“It feels so good! We’re close to reopening, getting back to normal. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I had more tension and stress not being open than getting everything done right now,” owner Caroline Hirsch said.

The sound of silence was deafening at the club, but soon laughter will again bounce off the walls.

“We had to get back to business,” said the proprietor of the club that bears her name.

Her first show since the pandemic began in March of last year is set for Thursday, May 27 and Donnell Rawlings is the headliner.



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