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Comedian of the Day (9/1/21): Mario Castillo


As part of We Own The Laughs.com’s Comedian of the Day, have a few laughs while getting to know comedian Mario Castillo. The Pittsburg, CA native shares with us some of his favorite moments in stand-up comedy and lets us know how he owns the laughs.

Name: Mario Castillo
Hometown: Pittsburg, CA
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Tik-Tok: @MarioCastilloComedy
Years in Comedy: 2
Haven’t we seen you somewhere before: Nope!
Comedic Influences: George Carlin, Dave Chapelle, Mitch Hedberg, Blue Collar Comedy, The Kings of Comedy, & Kevin Smith
Favorite Comedy Album: George Carlin “You Are All Diseased”
Favorite Comedy Special: Anthony Jeselnik “Caligula”
Favorite Comedy Movie: Clerks 1 & 2
Favorite Comedy TV Show: Mr. Robot
Favorite Comedic Character: Scooby Doo
Favorite City to Perform In: Oakland, CA
Favorite Topics to Joke About: Society & Dating
Favorite Type of Audience for a Comedy Show: One that laughs (Laughs)
Favorite Comedy Club: The Alameda Comedy Club

How did you discover your passion for comedy:
I always liked making people laugh, and writing jokes.

What do you remember most about your first time performing stand-up comedy:
I was HELLA nervous but just wanted to get my set out.

How would you describe your comedic style:
Dark humor, twisted society, Self-deprecating humor.

Describe your process for comedic writing:
After an awkward moment happens I’ll write it in my notes to reflect on it.

Describe the comedy scene in your area:
Pretty chill, everyone’s down to earth and likes to have fun in the Bay Area.

How do you judge success in the world of comedy:
Being able to constantly book shows, acting work, and movies.

Who are some of your comedic peers that you enjoy watching perform or inspire you personally and professionally:
My buddy John Paul from North Carolina, he’s fun to watch as well as my homie from Oakland Jamar Pitts.

What’s been your most memorable moment in comedy:
Just all the good times.

What have you learned most from your failures in comedy:
To always have fun and vibe with the audience.

How do people react towards you when they realize that you can make people laugh:
They probably just laugh or something (Laughs)

Describe what it’s been like building a career in stand-up comedy:
It’s been really fun so far, always meeting really cool people and getting to learn from them.

If you could change one thing in the world of comedy, what would it be:
Wouldn’t change a thing.

Best advice you’ve ever received from a comedian:
To move the mic stand when I take off the mic (Laughs)

If you were releasing a comedy special this week, what would it be called:
30 minutes in hell.

Funniest encounter you’ve ever had with a celebrity:
Met a couple and they were all cool.

Weirdest place you’ve ever performed any form of comedy:
Community theater is always weird but fun.

A Mario Castillo Fun Fact:
Every time I go to a strip club I don’t ever want a lap dance, until this one I go to a strip club and this chick had me dying laughing so I said fuck it and gave her all my money. It was the shortest lap dance I could ever imagine but it was cool.

Where would you like your laughs to take you:
I’d like to make, write, and act in movies and TV shows.

What would you tell a potential comedian if they ask you how they can own the laughs:
Just have fun and be yourself.

What are your thoughts on the future of comedy:
Looks like it’s going well, there’s a lot of funny people.

If you could write one episode for one classic TV sitcom which show would it be and give a brief detailed sentence on the episode:
I would write an episode for the scrubs where Dr. Dorian tackles the subject of AIDS and Elton John is a character in it the both of them will make it funny & informative with a hint of drama.

If you could choose 1 comedy club and 3 comedians to perform with on your perfect comedy show, how would it go:
I will do the laugh factory in Vegas with Dave Chapelle and Daniel Tosh.

What’s next for you:
Right now I’m looking for an agent and a manager so that I can advance my career into movies and TV shows, currently, I’m working on my YouTube channel I want to grow that as well.

Why should a person always laugh at life:
Because life is a joke.

Watch Mario Castillo at Neck of the Woods Open Mic:


Follow Mario Castillo’s comedic journey on these social media websites:
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Tik-Tok: @MarioCastilloComedy
Youtube: Mario Castillo


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