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Nick Cannon Pulls Off Epic “Jet Prank” On Kevin Hart’s Private Jet


Kevin Hart may have Nick Cannon on his mind a lot this week…and not in a good way.

In an epic prank war amongst friends, Cannon took to social media to inform the Philly comedian that not only did he find a way to hijack his private jet, but Nick also left a HUGE calling card that even a “Bat-Signal” would be impressed with.

As part of the MTV “Wild ‘n” Out” star new talk show “The Nick Cannon Show,” Hart would allow himself to be interviewed as Cannon’s first guest, where he goes into detail on their friendly feud throughout the years as they both agreed that it keeps them young.

“How does it feel to ride the Cannon?” Nick asked.

“It feels like I’ve lost,” Hart said.

“That’s how it feels, Nick. It feels like you had one in the hole and you saved it. Not only did you get my flight information so you could go and obviously wrap my plane which is brilliant. You somehow managed to manipulate me into being your first guest. This is genius.” Hart explains to Cannon.

“Evil genius,” Cannon said, raising his hands in the air in triumph.

In July, Hart posted Cannon’s real phone number on billboards throughout Los Angeles, Atlanta, and New York City after he was sent a llama by Cannon for his 42nd birthday.

A friendship bonded by comedy for nearly two decades, Cannon and Hart would get together over the summer to have a deep appreciation for each other and all of their success during an episode of Peacock’s Hart to Heart.

Is the prank war officially over?

Probably not, but comedy fans are excited to see what prank these two will come up with next. Stay tuned.



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