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Take Your Shoes Off w/ Rick Glassman Feat. Dane Cook (Episode 129) [Podcast]


He’s sold out countless clubs, theaters, and stadiums across the globe. Platinum Comedy Album. Teen Choice Award. Blockbuster films… and now his biggest achievement…LEGENDARY. Please make sure your cell phones are off and put your Su-Fi’s in the air… for DANE COOK!

The comedian, actor, and creator sit down for a cup of luke-warm tea while Rick enquires about his process, and how he’s able to kill at a set even when he’s physically or mentally drained. Dane recollects his origin story, growing up on stage with Dave Chapelle, moving to LA, and early career highlights.  The conversation somehow goes everywhere and nowhere all at once as the hyperactive duo try and stay the course, but inevitably veer off into goblins, pants on fire, and some country singing.

They discuss why Dane didn’t come on the show earlier due to cancellations… and why rain isn’t always just rain… Dane passes on some insightful advice from his dad, the two discuss Steve Martin’s career, and why Dane has managed to pick himself out of any career rut. 



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