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Rachel Dee Stand-Up Special From The Comedy Cube [Video]


A former school teacher whose comedy was considered too dangerous for her school district, Rachel Dee educates the masses with good comedy as she finds herself at the Funny Media Group’s “Comedy Cube” in Los Angeles, California delivering an incredible 13 min set.

Rachel Dee is a comedian, actor, originally from St. Louis, MO, now based in Los Angeles, California. She has since brought her observations about motherhood and the joys of being over 40 to audiences all across the US including Savannah, Georgia, Cobbs Comedy Comedy in San Francisco, California, Stand-Up Live in Phoenix, Arizona, and The Hollywood Improv in Los Angeles, California. Once a Catholic school teacher, some parents and staff members took issue with Rachel’s comedic set on the Kill Tony comedy show and would lead to her being fired from her teaching job after 20 years. 

The least favorite of 3 children, growing up all over the world as a military brat, Rachel was not that great at keeping a friends, but she wouldn’t mind being your best friend tonight. She is the proud recipient of a very lucrative degree in both English and Theater. Dee has been performing on stage since she was 6 years old, first in dance and musical theater, later in Shakespearean performances and burlesque, and now in stand-up comedy. You can see Rachel performing all over the Bay Area and LA. Rachel´s observational and sometimes dark humor comments on the absurdity of everyday life.


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