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Kevin Hart Talks “True Story” & Becoming a Billionaire On “Tha God’s Honest Truth”


Tha God’s Honest Truth is a weekly late-night series where Charlamagne Tha God takes on topics permeating politics and culture in a variety of deep dives, sketches, and social experiments.

Over the weekend, comedy rockstar Kevin Hart would join Charlamagne to discuss his new Netflix film True Story as well as transitioning into dramatic acting roles and why he dreams of becoming a billionaire.

True Story finds Hart portraying a world-famous comedian desperately searching for a way out after a night in Philadelphia with his brother threatens to sabotage more than his success.

Lenard pitches Kevin Hart and investment expert, Ian Dunlap some hypothetical investment opportunities. From first-time investing to navigating the current market, Expert Investor Ian Dunlap with one of the highest win percentages in the country and is the founder of Red Panda Academy. Using completely custom formulas and algorithms, he says he has identified how to get safe returns whether the market is booming or in a crash. 

True Story arrives on Netflix on November 24th.



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