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We Own The Laughs.com is looking for a stand-out, well-versed, and passionate freelance comedic entertainment/news content writer for our online comedy website focused on the daily lives and laughs of comedians.

Do you strive to make an incredible mark on the world of comedy? Do like to find the newest trends in comedy and comedic social media? Would you like to create highly hilarious articles reaching over millions and millions-unique daily visitors? If your answer is yes, we would love to laugh with you. Freelance writers can earn possible paid opportunities per accepted submission. Paid submission opportunities will vary depending on the submission request.

As a We Own The Laughs.com content writer you will be writing about all things related to comedic entertainment topics/news, as well as being able to have the freedom to write your own comedic articles that you choose. We are looking for candidates who have a passion for comedy and are very knowledgeable of social comedic events. If you can write comedic content with enthusiasm that is engaging, fun, and informative for our readers, the We Own The Laughs.com content writer position is for you!

We Own The Laughs Content Writer Responsibilities:

*Develop and pitch creative story ideas on a weekly basis

*Research and write informative and comedic content in a variety of formats

*Collaborate with brand managers, in-house writers, freelance writers, and media team

*Consistently meet writing deadlines and content guidelines

*Ensure all-around consistency (style, fonts, images, and tone)

*Strong writing skills and proficiency in WordPress is a MUST. Writing samples are required to be submitted in addition to your resume.

We Own The Laughs features & comedic writing material we’re looking for: 

Exclusive Interviews: Amazing comedy interviews from your current favorite comedic entertainment personalities exclusively for We Own The Laughs.com.

Exclusive Article/Features: Amazing comedy articles or special features involving the past, present, or future of comedy using your own personal thoughts and opinions exclusively for We Own The Laughs.com.

Comedy Film/Special/Album Reviews: Is this project Oscar-worthy or do they need to go back to the old drawing board? Voice your honest opinion on comedy’s latest projects as part of our comedic films/album reviews.

Laugh Warz: We Own The Laughs.com “Laugh Warz” is a fantasy head to head in-depth debate where we put some of your favorite comedic topics against one another to find out the answer to the toughest questions around…….Who’s Better?

We Own The Laughs.com Top 10 Countdown: Best era, best city, best closer, best opener, most iconic, and many more. The website will produce daily countdown content dedicated to some of your favorite forms of comedy as well as videos summarizing the history of comedy with specific niche topics.




Hometown (or Current City):


Writing Interest:

Writing/Media Experience:

*Along with the email please attach previous writing material for us to take a look at. This writing material is only for us to look at and we will not be releasing or posting your material anywhere.