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Laugh Warz: Kountry Wayne vs. HaHa Davis


Match-Up: Kountry Wayne vs. HaHa Davis
Match-Up Preview:
Today, We Own The Laughs.com competitive segment “Laugh Warz” features two of the most iconic people of the social media comedy era. DeWayne Colley, better known as Kountry Wayne, 1st took to social media as a new method to promote himself and a possible rap career. He would begin by producing a sketch video portraying the daily struggle of a man with difficult baby mamas. He soon became a new wave sensation on Facebook, where his fun-loving personality was on full display, which carried over to other forms of social media. From starting his acting career recording Vine sketches in front of his home in Detroit to becoming the entire Internet’s next BIG BIG thing, Carlos “HaHa” Davis is neck and neck with Dave Chapelle as the hottest comedian on social media…except, unlike Dave this funny guy from The D has no current plans on moving to Africa. To settle this dispute, We Own The Laughs will go in-depth into both careers to find out an answer to arguably one of the toughest questions in social media history…….who’s better?

Tale of the Tape:

Kountry Wayne
Age: 33
Hometown: Millen, GA
Occupation: Comedian/Actor/Entrepreneur
Instagram Followers: 2.7 Million Twitter Followers: 53.5k Facebook Followers: 6.1 million
Notable Catch Phrases: “Jesus is Poppin”, “Help is on the way”, “Drip”, and “How Bout Dem Cowboys”
Career Highlights:
On his first night of doing stand-up comedy, Kourtney Wayne was paid $3,500. Not even 5 years into his comedy career, Kountry Wayne was already selling out 150 shows all over the country as part of his Child Support and The People’s Champ comedy tours. He has also branched out into films, appearing in the BET Original “Holiday Heartbreak.” in 2020. Throughout his career, Wayne has managed to release over 2,500 digital sketch videos on all forms of social media.


Ever since his 1st video went viral with his first video on Facebook, no one has had a more energetic work ethic in comedy than Kountry Wayne. Using his knowledge as an entrepreneur with multiple businesses and the motivation of a good father with 10 children, Wayne constantly displays genius beyond his comedic years by finding ways to produce large amounts of revenue in various forms of comedy. During the global pandemic when 95% of the comedy business was shut down and the world basically had to stay indoors, Kourtney Wayne saw this as an opportunity to shine brighter than ever by not just releasing one sketch, but multiple sketches daily on social media. Where many comedians would see this tactic eventually going stagnant, Wayne continued to find a way to reintroduce himself to his fans through the daily introduction of various new characters highlighted by his loveable drug dealer persona “Drip.” He has managed to make it a family affair by incorporating his own children into his videos and making social media stars in the process. Once comedy clubs are allowed to reopen fully, you will see less of a social media presence of Kourtney Wayne, but that is only because you will be able to see him performing live in a city near you.

Sometimes being a constant presence in the eyes of many, can cause the world to only see you in one certain light, making it very difficult for growth. Kourtney Wayne has been a constant presence on social media, helping everyone laugh during the pandemic. Having the gift of being able to post multiple forms of daily content, eventually will become the curse of when is enough enough? A social media jokester turned into a stand-up comedian, Kountry Wayne will always have the added pressure from fans and fellow comedians of not relying on sketch performance material during his live sets. Entertainers constantly have to evolve in order to stay relevant, but in some cases, fans don’t like for their favorite entertainers to change. Now there’s no doubt that Wayne will be entertaining us for a few more years to come, but at the end of his career, what does he want to be remembered for? A great stand-up comedian or legendary social media personality?

HaHa Davis
Age: 28
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Occupation: Comedian/Actor
Instagram Followers: 7 Million Twitter Followers: 400k Facebook Followers: 1.8 million
Notable Catch Phrases: “Big Fella”, “Mad Mad”, Bucko,” and “WOOOOOW!”

Career Highlights:
The Detroit native was featured on tracks for Chance the Rapper’s “Coloring Book” album and narrated the Magnificent Coloring World Tour. He was also a playable character on NBA 2k18 and made cameos in music videos for Lil Nas X, Big Sean, and Snoop Dogg. Aspirations of becoming a leading man in Hollywood, Davis has appeared in major TV shows and films such as Meet The Blacks 2, Detroiters, Hip Hop Squares, and For Life.

He’s a very rare breed in the world of entertainment. If the comedy business could create the perfect social media comedian, it would look exactly like HaHa Davis. He has the movie star look of Kevin Hart, the high pitch voice of Chris Rock, the marketability of Eddie Murphy, and pop culture appeal the likes of…. well, Kevin Hart. In 2013, HaHa became one of the biggest internet sensations of all-time as one of the last great pieces of content on the short-lived Vine app. Now we wouldn’t say that HaHa was one of the pioneers of social media comedy, as there were many before him and many to come along after him. But what has set Davis apart from the competition is his ability to stay ahead of the times, producing trend-setting pop culture material used in mainstream media every step of the way. Not only has he been able to maintain his raw NSFW personality in his sketches, but he’s also managed to keep the mainstream marketability that 5th avenue executives look for in their celebrities. HaHa Davis has mastered the fine line of hood legend and mainstream superstar better than anyone else in the game.

You have to be able to crawl before you’re able to walk, and you have to be able to walk before you’re able to run. HaHa Davis is quickly becoming big business in the world of comedy entertainment, but with a growing celebrity status comes the decision of knowing when to evolve? Fans are constantly clamoring at the opportunity to see Davis live on the road as a stand-up comedian or in film as a comedic actor, but he will be the first to tell you that his stand-up comedy and comedic acting isn’t quite ready for primetime just yet. Another weakness that Davis suffers from is corporate America. History has shown that the more mainstream an entertainer becomes, the unrealistic amount of negative fans surface who feel you’re a corporate sell-out. Big businesses have already begun finding ways to make a profit on HaHa’s likeness without seeking to give him any forms of compensation. With content already being mimicked by companies like Old Spice and other comedic talents still needing to be seasoned, HaHa Davis’ legacy is running a race against time.

And the winner is……:
This answer can easily vary depending on what you’re looking for in a comedic entertainer and you wouldn’t be wrong with either answer. Both HaHa and Kountry are amazing self-promoters and both have their own unique brand of comedy that will have millions and millions of fans on social media. These two are clearly shooting stars on the rise, but if we had to say which star of the two is the best and brightest, we would have no choice but to choose none other than…..HaHa Davis. Their strengths and weaknesses are very similar, but when it comes down to it, Davis seems to be still coming into his own, while Wayne seems to be very close to reaching his comedy peak. Kountry Wayne has everything it takes to be a megastar, but even with his enormous following and hilarious content, why does it feel like he’s never played a role or produce a sketch that didn’t feel like we were watching one of our funny a** cousins from the south? HaHa Davis isn’t far away from Wayne, being from the Midwest, but his content is definitely more relatable to his fans all across the world. Kountry Wayne may have an advantage over Davis in the stand-up comedy department, but that’s due in large part to age and maturity, both gaps that Davis can easily make up for in a short period. At the end of the day, it all comes down to what is best for business and if you could only choose one of these two to invest your money, it would have to be on the mainstream potential that is HaHa Davis.

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