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Talkin’ About Love With A Couple of Comedians: Nick Larson & Danielle Arce


Love can be very funny at times! WOTL wants to help you with this crazy little thing called love in the form of our sex/relationship segment entitled Talkin’ about Love with a Couple of Comedians. #TALCC is where we allow fans and viewers of our exclusive website the chance to have their questions on sex, heartbreak, relationships, and love to be answered by a couple of comedians who happen to be in a relationship. Today, WOTL fans receive lovely advice from the comedic couple Nick Larson and Danielle Arce. The comedians who share a love nest in Stockton, CA are best known for their wacky couple photos on social media. They recently started a weekly podcast together entitled “Secret Minorities.” Let’s see how Nick and Danielle handle difficult situations such as fools in love, trying to connect with an ex, love & money, and many more.

Comedian Name(s): Nick Larson & Danielle Arce
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Hometown: Nick: Stockton, CA Danielle: Phoenix, AZ
Instagram: @nicklarsoncomedy @daniellearcecomedy
Twitter: @nicklarson85 @daniellearce
Facebook: facebook.com/nicklarson85 & facebook.com/daniellearcecomedy
Personal Website: www.daniellearce.com

Hello Nick & Danielle,
I recently just turned 28 and I met a guy through a friend and he started coming to the bar I worked at daily. He never showed any interest romantically for a while and I wondered what his deal was? So I asked a friend to casually ask him what was happening between us, his response was he was getting to know me. Puzzled by this response, I then decided to start flirting with him. About two months later our relationship started and I was being introduced as his girlfriend. Now, about three months into the relationship, I feel like he’s not totally into me. He has a business that consumes him, mentally, entirely and only pays attention to me when he has no other commitments. It’s confusing cause he does nothing wrong, but his communication and the way he treats me is seeming quite casual, he does the routine stuff but hardly goes out of his way to make an effort. I swallowed my pride and spoke to him about it and I’m noticing that he’s not quite getting it from my point of view. I’ve tried to move on and live my own life, but then he responds by calling and texting, appearing to be confused by my disappearance. I know I might be wrong so I need a little help, I also don’t want to lose out on a good guy for a silly reason when there might be an explanation or solution to the problem. I’m also a realist, so I don’t want to hang around till he finds what it is he’s looking for, he kind of tries to make up for it by calling more or trying to say things he thinks I want to hear, nothing sincere in my books. Should I stick around or call it a day?

Bye Bye Mr. Nice Guy?

Hello Bye Bye Mr. Nice Guy,
Okay. First of all, if he’s someone who has been single for a long time and is primarily career-oriented, this is definitely something new for him and would require more work on the relationship on his end. We commend you for communicating your wants and needs to him, but if he isn’t truly reciprocating, is he really, “Mr. Nice Guy”? It seems as though he is trying to make more effort, so if you really feel like he could be the one, give it some time. Plan some definite date nights and maybe even a vacation or two. Lock them in with him. If at the end of 5-6 months of doing this, he still isn’t giving you what you need and desire, then maybe it’s time for either some couples’ therapy or just time for you both to move on. (From Danielle): I’ve dated SO many dudes who did this; showed tons of interest and affection in the beginning, then pulled away like a month later, but claimed they were still interested. If he isn’t putting in the effort, he could be all talk, like those bozos. Anyway, hopefully, it works out in your favor. We wish you the best!

-Nick & Danielle

Hi Nick & Danielle,
I’m 18 and single trying to navigate through my 1st week of college at San Francisco State University. Thanks to the pandemic, socializing with students truly sucks as we can’t physically see each other, but I have managed to meet new people in the area because of social media. I went to my first college party when I got DM’d a secret party bus invite to take us to a secret “Students Only” pool party. On the bus, everyone was playing around on Snapchat and Instagram Live. I got my phone out and started recording, but one of the girls that were sitting by me snatched my phone and added me. I didn’t mind that she grabbed my phone just to add me on social media, but she could’ve also just asked me to follow her, and I would have done that. The next couple of days after the party, we started DM’ing each other just joking around then she started sending selfies to me, but sometimes saying I was ugly during group chats all randomly. During a zoom meeting we had with friends, she started talking about some of our IG convos and would joke around saying I’m ugly to our friends. She has a boyfriend that I’m kind of friends with, but they don’t even act like they like each other and she doesn’t talk to me around him. She would then later DM me seeming like she kind of likes me and I think I kind of know what it means when girls send you selfies and jokingly saying I’m ugly only to act totally different towards me when no one else is around. What could the deal be with this situation? How should I handle her?

IG Clapback

Hey IG Clapback,
Sounds like this bitch is a control freak. She wants to be wanted, even by people, she doesn’t necessarily want to be in a relationship with. She sounds manipulative and honestly, you don’t need that in your life. We think you should call her out on her shit! If you see her calling you ugly in these chats, CLAP BACK!! If she has a problem with it, then obviously you know where she stands. You’re young and will probably have to deal with immature shit like this for a bit, but remember to be the bigger person always. And, don’t be afraid to call someone out on their bullshit. You don’t need that kind of anxiety in your life. Good luck, kid!

-Nick & Danielle

Hey Nick & Danielle,
My best friend and his girlfriend have only been dating for 4 months. He’s told me that he has never felt this way about any other girl and that she might be the main chick for life. I’ve only hung out with them together a few times and every time I have been around them, she has talked to him all kinds of crazy. I can understand that relationships have their problems, but I know my best friend better than anyone and I can tell that he feels less of a man when she’s talking crazy to him. I’ve held my tongue each time she’s embarrassed him in public or amongst friends up to this point, but I’m starting to feel like I need to step in and tell this girl something. My boyfriend doesn’t like the way she talks to him either, but she’s told me to leave it alone because I shouldn’t fight my best friend’s battles for him. I’m kind of in a catch 22 because I know my friend should say something, but I’m not one of those people that just let you embarrass my friends while I’m around. What would you do if you were in my shoes?

On the outside looking to step in.

Hey On the outside looking to step in,
You know what, if you are a good friend, you HAVE to say something. You wouldn’t let your friend in the car with a drunk driver, would you? You’d step in and say something, anything, to help save your friend. IN this case, tell your friend directly about how you feel about this situation, in private. If it continues, say something to his girlfriend, straight up. She sounds bossy and manipulative, and she may not even be aware of how toxic she is being. It should change and could evolve for the better, but changes like that aren’t overnight. Ask your friend how he feels about being treated that way, and if he can really see it through 5, 10, 20 years from now? Is that really the type of relationship he wants for life? Or is she just crazy good in the sack? Be real always, especially with your best friends. Good luck!

-Nick & Danielle

Hi Nick & Danielle,
My ex-girlfriend and I haven’t spoken to each other or seen each other in years. I thought we didn’t break up on bad terms, but every time I’ve sent her a friend request on social media, she’s denied the request. We do have mutual friends and when I’ve talked to them about it they’ve all told me the same thing “She doesn’t hate you, it’s just hard for her to talk to you.” I’ve always thought that no matter what, we would always be able to talk to each other, but the more she stays distant, the more I feel like maybe I was a bad boyfriend. Do you think we will ever speak to each other again and am I right for thinking that I was a bad boyfriend?

Things Left Unsaid

Hey Things Left Unsaid,
No, you’re not a bad boyfriend, and you weren’t a bad boyfriend. If she denied your request once, don’t send it anymore. Some people just need time to heal and grieve and move on. It’s not a negative thing toward you, she just has to heal on her own terms. She may come back and be ready to just be friends again, but you should also prepare for her not to do that at all. Be thankful you had the experience you had with her, and you can still wish positive things for her, but you can’t force someone to be friends with you. Just chill, sit back, and do your thing.

-Nick & Danielle

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