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John Oliver Would Prefer You Don’t Listen to Joe Rogan & Get Vaccinated


John Oliver came through with a timely reminder to not listen to anything Joe Rogan says with Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight.

The focus of Oliver’s latest extended explainer, fittingly, was the impact of vaccine hesitancy in the U.S. As Oliver detailed at the top of the episode, the surging numbers recently seen in India show just how dire the situation remains, even with the continued vaccine rollout here in the States.

“We in the U.S. are incredibly fortunate,” he said. “We currently have access to a lot of vaccines and more than half of U.S. adults have now gotten at least one dose, which is great. The bad news is some vaccination locations have already gone from having not enough supply to not enough demand.”

Indeed, daily vaccination rates have dropped in several regions, despite the vaccine’s ability to save not just your life but the lives of those around you. With herd immunity looking less and less probable any time soon, the importance of encouraging vaccination grows by the day.