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Comedian of the Day (10/22/21): Sandy Velasco

Marc Wood

She is a woman guided by hard work and determination, which leads her to succeed with laughter. As part of We Own The Laughs.com’s Comedian of the Day, have a few laughs while getting to know comedian Sandy Velasco. The Los Angeles, CA native shares with us some of her favorite moments in stand-up comedy and lets us know how she owns the laughs.

Name: Sandy Velasco
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Tik-Tok: @thesandyvelasco
Years in Comedy: 4
Haven’t we seen you somewhere before: I was in a funny sketch on Jimmy Kimmel Live. I also created and starred in a comedy series on YouTube called Miss Guidance
Comedic Influences: Sandra Bullock (I love her!), Kristen Wiig, Mindy Kaling, Kevin Hart, Drew Lynch, Taylor Tomlinson, Anjelah Johnson, Jo Koy, Seinfeld, John Mulaney, and the cast of “Friends”… there are just so many entertainers I admire.
Favorite Comedy Special: Jo Koy “Lights Out” and “Live from Seattle” always make me laugh. Kevin Hart “I’m A Grown Little Man” and “Laugh At My Pain” is great too.
Favorite Comedy Movie: The Proposal, Bridesmaids, Rush Hour, and basically, most rom-coms actually…does that count?
Favorite Comedy TV Show: Friends, The Mindy Project, Parks and Rec, 30 Rock, New Girl, Cheers, and Frasier
Favorite Comedic Character: Phoebe from Friends and any character Kristen Wiig played on SNL.
Favorite City to Perform In: Los Angeles, CA
Favorite Topics to Joke About: Being Asian/Filipino and my family life.
Favorite Type of Audience for a Comedy Show: Diverse
Favorite Comedy Club: Ice House Comedy Club, because it was the first place I performed stand-up comedy.

How did you discover your passion for comedy:
Comedy was a way to survive the hardship in life. With what I’ve had to go through, if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. Haha! Also, I just love to make people laugh. It’s the best feeling and a joy to see.

What do you remember most about your first time performing stand-up comedy:
The nervous excitement and the number of my family/friends showing up. It was like 20 of
them and most importantly, doing it with my late acting mentor, Elizabeth Sung. She was the reason I decided to finally try it. I just couldn’t believe it was happening. I still can’t.

How would you describe your comedic style:
Positive, Clean, Witty, Fun, Surprising. I think sometimes the audience looks at me and can’t believe what they’re hearing.

Marc Wood

Describe your process for comedic writing:
I write most of my jokes in the middle of the night, while in bed sometimes because I’m such a night owl. Sometimes I do just sit in front of my computer and start writing, and oftentimes, I start with an idea, and then it turns into something different. I also like to just get on my Notes app and jot down ideas or something that made me laugh then I go from there.

How do you judge success in the world of comedy:
Consistency and Longevity.

Who are some of your comedic peers that you enjoy watching perform or inspire you personally and professionally:
Matthew Moore, Jason Rogel, Corey Martin Craig, Lin Sun, Nikole Denise are some of the funniest people I know. Their talent and hard work are both inspiring and admirable. I’d love to get to know more people!

What’s been your most memorable moment in comedy:
It’s the jokes that happen at the moment. Like when I’m performing and I say something funny that I didn’t plan. It’s sort of a really proud moment for me.

What have you learned most from your failures in comedy:
Keep going.

How do people react towards you when they realize that you can make people laugh:
There are the lovers and there are the haters.

Describe what it’s been like building a career in stand-up comedy:
I’m open to the idea of blowing up overnight, but I’m all about just trying to be consistent the best I can. God willing.

Marc Wood

Best advice you’ve ever received from a comedian:
Write what you know.

If you were releasing a comedy special this week, what would it be called:
Jesus Take Me Home (Laughs)

Weirdest place you’ve ever performed any form of comedy:
Zoom shows, but I’m glad I did them.

Where would you like your laughs to take you:
A Netflix One Hour Special; Become a series regular on a sitcom, maybe even write my own sitcom. Then meet Sandra Bullock, did I mention I love her? Gotta dream big.

Marc Wood

What would you tell a potential comedian if they ask you how they can own the laughs:
Have an honest and clear point of view. Enjoy what you’re doing.

What’s next for you:
“Taco Tuesday Comedy show at the Haha Comedy on  11/23 @ 8PM.  I’m also be performing in a reading series of a play with San Diego Rep Theatre in November.”

Why should a person always laugh at life:
Because life on earth is hard enough, don’t give it too much power and take away your joy.

Watch Sandy Velasco in Miss Guidance:

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Youtube: Sandy Velasco

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