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Take Your ShoesOff w/ Rick Glassman Feat. Howie Mandel [Podcast]


Howie Mandel arrives at the only place on earth he doesn’t need to worry about germs… the TYSO studio.

Rick and Howie slowly realize this may be an alternative universe and Rick is possibly the America’s Got Talent judge’s cloned younger self. Howie becomes the first guest to actually approve of the TYSO home studio and marvels at Rick’s achievements as they dive into conversations about investing, OCD, and where Bobby from Bobby’s World is today. We get the voiceover for the Marshall Rug Gallery commercial we didn’t know we needed and find out why Rick is the Scorsese of podcasts. 

As the conversation progresses, the two comics start to realize the parallels in their lives, most notably growing up as outsiders, getting in trouble at school, and not knowing when they’ve gone too far. Rick challenges Howie’s outlook on caring about the audience’s opinion and what the intention of jokes and pranks really are.

Howie gives us his origin story and how he came up in the industry, as well as a brilliant anecdote about being banned from the Tonight Show. They round out the episode with a really interesting chat, unpacking intention and survival which makes Rick emotional, only to be given an inspirational chat from Howie that honestly… we all could use.