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Comedy InvAsian Stand-Up Comedy Series Set To Premiere On Peacock May 1st


Unique stand-up comedy has finally invaded NBC’s premier streaming network.

Today, Peacock announced a new diverse stand-up comedy series set to premiere this spring entitled Comedy InvAsian. In an era where diversity in entertainment is a necessity, Comedy InvAsian is the brainchild effort of producers Koji Steven Sakai and Quentin Lee to showcase and celebrate the diversity of Asian American comedy in both genre and representation to the world.

Set to be released on May 1st, 2022, this season will feature performances from comedians Aidan Park, Nishy XL, Jiaoying Summers, George Wang, Vinayak Pal, Lin Sun, Rosie Tran, and Eli Nicolas.

Check out a glimpse of what to expect from this season’s Comedy InvAsian with video and photo previews of each comedian below:

Aidan Park:

Aidan Park is a comedian based in Los Angeles, originally from South Korea. Aidan’s act can be described as fun and high octane as he talks about his unique life experiences as a gay, once undocumented Korean immigrant, and other weird occurrences from becoming a young widower to being raised by his conservative grandmother who didn’t speak english but somehow knew her way to every casino in the state of California. Park’s comedy has been featured on Perez Hilton, Celebuzz TV, TV Guide Channel, Comedy Central, TRU TV, Tosh.0, Hulu and NBC.

Nishy XL:

Nishy XL is a first-generation Indian/Pakistani-American. Born in a war zone, she moved to LA at a young age, survived corporate America, and found her calling on the stage. Now corporate hires her to perform instead of giving her performance appraisals. She’s a former sketch writer for the Second City Hollywood, and as an SC house cast member, she wrote and performed comedic sketch revues. In 2020 she placed in the top 10 in the National Comedy Open, was in the finals in the US Comedy Contest by Audience favorite vote, and took home the “Spirit of Comedy” Medal at the 2021 Clean Comedy Challenge. She also regularly opens and hosts shows for the original winner of Last Comic Standing. Comedy is her absolute passion. She hosts mics that help comedians hone their Stand Up and joke-writing skills. 

Jiaoying Summers:

Jiaoying Summers has not only been the busiest comedian of the pandemic era but she’s also been one of the most successful businesswomen in comedy entertainment. One of the hottest up-and-coming Asian American females on the comedy scene, Summers is one of the most popular comedians on TikTok with more than 1 million followers. She is the owner of The Hollywood Comedy and The Pasadena Comedy clubs in Los Angeles, California. Jiaoying is considered the trailblazer for building up the Hollywood underground comedy scene.

George Wang:

George Wang Jr. is a full-time sk8 coach & professional stand-up comedian living out of Monterey Park. He wishes they told him in high school all those times he got in trouble for making the class laugh and getting his skateboard taken away, would actually be the 2 things he has made his career of. Funny how life works, he worked so many different job only to realize the things he worked hard at for free was the real investment into his future.

Vinayak Pal:

Vinayak Pal is an up and coming standup with material on his upbringing, family life, race, religion, and relationships. He started performing comedy at 16, and since then has grown to love every audience and stage. He’s the youngest comedian to tour India, and hes been on Dry Bar. You can see him performing all over California or opening for Russell Peters.

Lin Sun:

Lin Sun is your favorite devil-may-care standup comic. She is a charmingly blunt, smartass single mom with a dash of dark humor. She’s been featured on The Laugh Factory Instagram, where her video went viral with over 1 million views. Lin has performed in major comedy clubs nationwide but her favorite laugh is from her 5 year old son. On her spare time, you can find her doing absolutely nothing. Lins wildest dream is to marry Eminem.

Rosie Tran:

Rosie Tran is one of the fastest rising young stars in the entertainment business! Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, she moved to Hollywood to pursue her career as a professional entertainer. The stand-up comedian, writer, podcast personality, and actress has toured internationally, at comedy clubs, colleges, and overseas for the USO in Europe and the Middle East. She has been a featured performer at the Boston International Comedy Festival, the Seattle International Comedy Competition, and Funnyfest in Canada. She was a Los Angeles area finalist on season six of the hit NBC series, Last Comic Standing,” and has studied with the top mentors in the country, from the late Paul Sills, founder of the original Second City in Chicago to Gary Austin, father of the Groundlings School in Los Angeles. Rosie received an M.A. from California State University in Television and Film. She has been featured in half a dozen comedy joke books, including, The Complete Idiots Guide to Jokes and The Comedy Thesauras. Rosie has been featured on Style Network, E!, ABC, Lifetime TV, SiTV, TLC, National Lampoon, AOL TV, and countless other channels, including the pilot, P-Los House with Golden Globe-nominated actor, Tom Sizemore. As a podcast personality, she is a regular guest on dozens of podcasts, including the popular “DeathSquad Network” and has been featured at many festivals, including “LA Podfest” and “Catalyst Con”. Rosie hosts her own wildly successful podcast called “Out of the Box” which was listed as a Stitcher top new podcast. She is known for having thought-provoking and forward thinking guests like NY Times Bestsellers, Religious and Political leaders, and even a noble prize nominee.

Eli Nicolas:

Eli Nicolas is one of the fastest rising stars in the LA comedy scene, captivating audiences with his original style and cleverly woven material. Born in Thailand, and raised in Cerritos, much of Elis material is cultivated from growing up surrounded by diverse cultures. Today, he performs on world-famous stages as well as features for national headliner Edwin San Juan on the “Polite Tour.” His energetic stage presence, accompanied by his unique voice and appearance, leaves audiences rolling on the floor laughing continually show after show.

Comedy InvAsian comedy series will begin streaming on NBC’s Peacock digital platform on May 1st.