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Laugh After Dark: Do Tell w/ Charlie Wilson Feat. Jaye Devan [Video]


Everyone has a great story to tell! On Do Tell! with Laugh After Dark, host Charlie Wilson gets stand-up comedians to share their stories from the stage and beyond, but the open-door policy (and convenient Vegas location), means that you never know who might drop in to tell their tale! Stories range from performing with the legends that inspired careers to the extreme, typically bizarre, and generally hilarious lengths people will go to for a chance to make it big in the city of broken dreams. Produced by Laugh After Dark & CSLA Podcasting, new podcast episodes are released every week on YouTube and all podcasting platforms.

In this week’s episode, Wilson is joined by comedian Jaye Devan. The Philadelphia, PA comedian sits down with Charlie Wilson to tell him about the time he bombed at a club in Los Angeles, But we later found out that Jaye has a lot of “country” in him. Find out what we are talking about.

Born and raised in Philadelphia by a large extended family, Jaye found his funny early and was often the comic relief in a household filled with his sister and cousins.  This skill would help him immensely after moving to the South as a teenager and needing to make new friends in an unfamiliar environment. He would excel in Speech & Drama class and own the star role in several plays over the next few years.

After graduating, Jaye joined the Marine Corps where he would get his first exposure to stand up during a talent show on base.  Taking second place was not nearly as significant as the passion he found from telling his stories onstage.  He would spend nearly three years honing his craft but upon leaving the Marine Corps found it difficult to balance civilian life with his passion.

In 2013, fifteen years removed from the stage, Jaye decided to finally get back to pursuing his love for standup.  Armed with a bevy of life experience and knowledge, his approach to comedy is simply the life of the everyday dude.  He shares his views on relationships/marriage, fatherhood, corporate life and living as a Black man in America with a sly candor and unfiltered wit.