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Mark Acomb Gives Comedians Profitable Exposure w/ Comedy Showcase App


Finding profitable advantages in the entertainment industry can be very challenging when you’re a young entertainer. Think about it: Traditional live entertainment is now competing with various forms of streaming services, while the recording industry has been redefined by digital downloads on iTunes. On top of that, a global pandemic that’s constantly having us in fear of being forced to stay isolated indoors. So how does a comedian further their comedy career in the current landscape? More specifically, what is being done to leverage technology to help make the process of traditional exposure more accessible and democratic for both everyday people and professionals?

A few years ago in 2019, film producer and entrepreneur Mark Acomb joined forces with a few comedians to found the Comedy Showcase app.

Comedy Showcase is a technology platform that makes it easier for all sorts of stand-up comedians to gain exposure across the world, receive better booking in their region, and generate revenue from their viral videos. The app is a library of Stand-Up comedy, curated by other comedians. Discover up-and-coming talent that tour the nation and help them reach bigger audiences. Your subscription goes to paying the talent and producing new shows to be delivered here on the app.

We Own The Laughs.com Tyson Paul had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Acomb to get the full story on Comedy Showcase. Mark shares with us the app’s early beginnings, content ownership, and what he has in store for the world with version 2.0.

Hey Mark! Working with comedians and in the film industry, you’re more than likely to see something that you think is hilarious almost every day of your life. How long have you been in comedy entertainment?
I have worked for 12 years in scripted development in the comedy space.

What was the inspiration for the Comedy Showcase App?
I wanted to help up-and-coming comedians take the next step in their careers getting to the next level with representation and exposure.

How did you begin development/structure on an app of this caliber?
It all began with crafting an app/platform that would be the most artist-friendly we could.

Functionality-wise, how does Comedy Showcase now compare to where you are hoping it will be? For example, do you hope it ultimately has thousands or millions of entertainers? Or is it looking to be more specialized?
We hope to be more specialized. We are proud that we have a curated list of comedians that come recommended by those on the app. We have a long ways to go and some new.

You may get this question a lot from many people in this industry, but what type of comedians or comedic material are you looking for when adding content to your app?
I’m looking for seasoned comedians and up-and-comers that can craft a set. Storytelling is as important as the punchline. Most of all we are interested in finding unique voices in comedy.

Many entrepreneurs know that there are always pros and cons to running a thriving business such as Comedy Showcase. What would you say are some of your daily pros and cons?
Always striving to find investors is a constant difficulty. Actively working to produce shows that provide content for the app is the greatest challenge.

Aside from the fact that this is an app with significant individual exposure and a payment system built-in for comedians to make revenue from their clips, how is this form of revenue streaming different from other streaming services like Spotify, YouTube, and Prime Video?
The comedians OWN their content.

Many high-profile comedians are currently in a major battle with various streaming services over royalties and profit-sharing. What is your stance on the issue?
We are artists first. They own the material we produce. They have the right to it.

How could comedy clubs, tours, podcasts, or various other ventures benefit from linking with Comedy Showcase?
We can promote comedy nights and provide a space on the app that promotes the clubs.

If you could have three comedians become the spokesperson of Comedy Showcase, who would you pick?
Craig Connant, Tony Klein, & Ben Gonzalez

You’ve done television, you’ve done film; what is it about live performances that are so vital and so meaningful to you?
It’s the ability to make and have content NOW as opposed to waiting three years for theaters.

We’ve all already seen what you can do with Comedy Showcase 1.0. What do you want to achieve when you transform the app into Comedy Showcase 2.0?
We will be taking the app to another level very soon. Stay tuned.

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