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Matt Lockwood “Don’t Tell Comedy” Performance [Video]


The Backyard Series is Don’t Tell Comedy’s 8th independent YouTube series that features short stand-up comedy sets from the best of the next generation of stand-up comedians. Matt Lockwood’s worldview is changing as a 30-year-old and he’s confused by his girlfriend’s obsession with murder mystery documentaries.

Don’t Tell Comedy produces weekly shows in 45+ cities across the US in unique locations for a one-of-a-kind comedy experience! The location is kept a secret until the day of the show and the performers are a secret until they hit the stage!

Director of Photography: Mark I. Davis Gaffer and Cam Operator: Michael Tellup

Executive Producers: Kyle Kazanjian-Amory and Brett Kushner Directed By: Gordie Earle III and Brad Silnutzer

Cam Operators: Gordie Earle III Mark I. Davis Kyle Kazanjian-Amory Tommy Anderson

Editor: Gordie Earle III

Color Correction: Wes Knapp

Sound Recording: Brian Biancardi

Sound Mix: Ryan Meadows

Producer: Brad Silnutzer

Production Coordinator: Megan Hunter

Live Event Producer: Jay Bode

Photographer: Ally Seagrave

Check out Don’t Tell Comedy website for upcoming live shows in your city! www.donttellcomedy.com