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Broad Topix w/ Kim Congdon & Alex Scarlato Feat. Ryan Sickler [Podcast]


From near-death experiences to naming their vaginas, you can always count on the comedic commentary of a barefoot Floridian and a boisterous ballerina, as Kim Congdon and Alex Scarlato tackle an endless variety of Broad Topix.

Past notable guests to join the Broad Topix podcast: Dan Soder, Mark Normand, Zac Amico, & Luis J. Gomez. Broad Topix is LIVE every THURSDAY at 9:30 PM ET ONLY on GaS Digital, Or catch the YouTube Premiere SUNDAY at 11PM ET.

On this week’s episode of Broad Topix best friends Kim Congdon & Alex Scarlat are in Los Angeles and they’ve brought on comedian Ryan Sickler to discuss pulling off scams at work, how Alex almost sat quietly while Sara Weinshenk’s house burned to the ground, getting pranked into thinking you’re about to die and so much more on this ALL NEW episode of Broad Topix!

Meet The “Broad Topix” Cast:
Kimberly Congdon is a comedian and actress residing in Los Angeles. She has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, along with several stand-up showcase appearances all across the U.S. Furthermore, she has been a guest on several elite Podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, Getting Doug with High, Kill Tony, and more. Congdon regularly performs stand-up comedy at the New York Comedy Club in Midtown & East Village and many other NYC comedy clubs. When she’s not on stage telling jokes or roasting the crowd, you can catch her co-hosting her podcast, “Broad Topix” available on all podcast platforms. You may know Alex Scarlato from producing such shows at GaS Digital as Legion Of Skanks, Bi-Guys, and many others. She has her own podcast with comedian Kim Congdon, “Broad Topix” on the network.

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