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Comedy Club Confessions w/ Jack Jr. Feat. Alex Hooper [Podcast]


If you spend most of your life hanging out at one of the most recognizable comedy venues in the world, you’re bound to learn different forms of truth from many legendary comedians. Son of famous HaHa Comedy Club owner Jack Assadourian and a premier comedian headlining numerous marquee comedy clubs throughout the U.S., Jack Assadourian Jr. has been seen on the shows Epix Sex Life as well as Amazon Laugh After Dark and Make America Laugh Again. Jack was the 2019 finalist on the NBC show Stand Up. He created the NoHo Comedy Festival, which attracted some of the country’s most talented comedians. Assadourian guest-starred in movies like 50 Shades of Black and participated in popular podcasts like The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz and About Last Night with Adam Ray. Now, the comedian known to many as Jack Jr. is sharing some of comedy’s funniest true stories in the form of his podcast entitled Comedy Club Confessions.

Eager to create noteworthy click-bait material for his YouTube channel, Comedy Club Confessions will be featured as a weekly testimonial between Jack Jr. and your favorite comedy superstars and legends.

In this week’s episode, Assadourian is joined by comedian Alex Hooper.

Hooper sits down with Jack Jr. to discuss his stand-up comedy journey and how being at the top helped him find the chase.

Alex Hooper: Alex Hooper is a stand-up comedian, actor and professional roaster. He delights crowds by blending dark humor with silly positivity. His joke writing is clever and fearless. Onstage he bursts with energy. Alex shines just like his sparkly wardrobe. He’s headlined clubs all over the world. And whether it’s an audience of 11 or 11,000 – Alex leaves comedy goers begging for more.
Alex is best known for his appearances on America’s Got Talent. He’s one of a select few contestants to have been asked to return after being eliminated in season 13. His first AGT performance has over 75 million total online views.

As part of his never ending quest to spread love and joy, Alex releases a weekly podcast —  Achilles’ Heel. This podcast pushes guests outside of their comfort zone. Alex tackles tough topics like social anxiety and sex addiction with humor and grace. 

In 2018 Alex released his debut comedy album Hugs. Drugs. Pugs. It hit #1 on Amazon and #3 on iTunes Best Selling Comedy Records. 
To say Alex is a serious pug lover is an understatement. For 2018 he created The Pug Yoga Calendar to raise funds for pug rescue: Pug Nation of LA. Ellen Degeneres spotlighted the sold-out 2018 Pug Yoga Calendar on The Ellen Show.

Alex is the creator of CRAVE — an immersive comedy and dance music experience.

HaHa Comedy Club: 30 years ago , when comedians needed a mic to dish out material to the masses, they came to the The HaHa Comedy Club. Originally a Mexican restaurant, the HaHa was the hub for up and comers to grab some stage time when they weren’t as likely to get a spot at other clubs owing to their ethnic background. Thanks to the generous owners willing to pass a mic for a couple of laughs, you can say the Haha is single handily responsible for launching the careers of the greatest comedians of our time.

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