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Jack Assadourian Jr. “Laugh After Dark LIVE” Performance [Video]


During an incredible performance at Laugh After Dark LIVE in Las Vegas, NV, comedian Jack Assadourian Jr. explains why being at places that don’t allow children in their establishments are the only places he would be interested in attending.

Jack Assadourian Jr.: Son of famous HaHa Comedy Club owner Jack Assadourian and a premier comedian headlining numerous marquee comedy clubs throughout the U.S., Jack Assadourian Jr. has been seen on the shows Epix Sex Life as well as Amazon Laugh After Dark and Make America Laugh Again. Jack was the 2019 finalist on the NBC show Stand Up. He created the NoHo Comedy Festival, which attracted some of the country’s most talented comedians. Assadourian guest-starred in movies like 50 Shades of Black and participated in popular podcasts like The Church of What’s Happening Now with Joey Diaz and About Last Night with Adam Ray. Now, the comedian known to many as Jack Jr. is sharing some of comedy’s funniest true stories in the form of his podcast entitled Comedy Club Confessions.

Laugh After Dark: Laugh After Dark is a premier comedy entertainment series showcasing the best and most hilarious up and coming stand-up comedians on the planet. Originating in Los Angeles, CA and currently operating in Las Vegas, NV, there is a little something for everyone in this fresh and diverse brand of comedy. The award-winning stand-up comedy TV series is currently streaming on Amazon Prime and Tubi with amazing performances from notable comedians Shang Forbes, Jozalyn Sharp, Steven Briggs, Liz Stone, Jack Assadourian Jr., Ksenia, and Stephanie Tejada.

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