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Behind The Scenes w/ Chaunte’ Wayans Feat. Brennon Edwards [Podcast]


The dictionary officially explains behind-the-scenes as out of sight of the public at a theater or organization. If something happens behind the scenes, it happens without most people knowing about it, especially when something else is happening publicly: A lot of hard work has been going on behind the scenes.

What’s Behind The Scene is a new interview-style podcast hosted by Chaunte’ Wayans, shining light on some heavy hitters that brings you some of your favorite comedy shows, movies, music, events, etc together.

Some of these people you may know and some are new faces but the genius behind it all.

In this week’s episode, Chaunte is joined by production company owner and executive producer Brennon Edwards. Edwards is a one of the Owners of Kevonstage studios and Owner and Executive Producer of Transit Pictures. He has 8 years experience in producing, working with The BBC, National Geographic, and some of your favorite comedians and influencers.

Chaunte’ Wayans: Chaunte Wayans is a comedian, writer, and actress who proudly represents the new generation of Wayans’ legacy-making its mark in Hollywood. She was last seen in the film 50 Shades of Black, with other film and television credits including Hollywood MisconceptionsDance Flick, TLC’s Trading Spaces, Bounce TV’s Off The Chain, and Nicktoon’s animated series, The Boo Crew. As a comedian, she has toured a nationally wowing audience with her unique brand of comedy featuring comedic veterans such as Katt Williams, Russell Peters, and her uncles Marlon, Shawn, and Damon Wayans. Her comedic talent led her to become a featured cast member on MTV’s hit sketch comedy series Nick Cannon Presents: Wild N’ Out. Chaunte can also be seen on Katt Williams comedy special Kattpacalypse. Chaunte has been showcased as a writer as part of CBS’ Diversity Showcase 2017. Recently she has featured on 50 Cent’s 50 Central on Bet. Currently, you can see her featured on TruTV’s Laff Tracks.

This Week’s Special Guest:
Brennon Edwards: Transit Pictures was founded by Brennon Edwards and Tony Valentino in September 2015. Edwards and Valentino founded the company after having worked together on multiple network travel shows for National Geographic, Discovery, and the Travel Channel. Since then, they’ve love creating, as they began creating their own content and now own parts of multiple YouTube channels and podcasts that are partnered with some of the most popular comedians on social media. (Tony Baker, Tahir Moore, etc.)

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