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30 Minutes w/ Jordan Jensen Comedy Special [Video]


As part of GaS Digital’s 30 Minutes With half-hour comedy series, stand-up comedian Jordan Jensen released her first stand-up comedy special recorded in New York City.

Jordan Jensen from Bein’ Ian with Jordan, The Late Late Show with James Corden, and from Comedy Central releases her GaS 30 Special recorded in front of a live audience at The Cutting Room.

Jordan Jensen: Jordan Jensen started comedy in upstate NY before moving to Nashville TN, where she spent a year working for clubs and taking her comedy on the road in her pickup truck. In 2021, Jordan was named the first female comic to win “NY’s Funniest Stand Up” at the NY Comedy Festival. She now lives in Brooklyn NY and is a regular at the renowned Comedy Cellar. Her comedy consists of tales of her bizarre upbringing, highly unconventional family, and filterless confessions of her time on this filthy planet.

GaS Digital: GaS Digital Network is a podcasting network of HD video, live chat, archives, pre-released and ad-free episodes. For anyone who listens to the podcasts within the GaS ecosystem, you’ll be very familiar with the talent tapped for these recordings. They include Rich Vos, Kurt Metzger, Luis J Gomez, Dave Smith, Colum Tyrrell and Jordan Jenson. Metzger and Vos have dropped previous specials and are regular podcast guests (Metzger did have a show on the network for a bit). Gomez and Smith are recording their follow-up debuts from GaS. While Tyrrell and Jensen are regulars on many GaS podcasts and emerging talent out of NYC. Now the network is going to step up its game as it planned to record and release 6 half hours from comics with the plan for them to follow the current trend of dropping these specials on Youtube for free as part of a series they’re dubbing, “30 Minutes With…”