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Comedian of the Day (9/19/23): Harrison Tweed


He is the co-host of the popular comedy podcast “Let’s Talk About Sets!” and his debut album “Broken From The Day” is available to buy on Apple Music and Amazon Music. As part of We Own The Laughs.com’s Comedian of the Day, have a few laughs and get to know comedian Harrison Tweed. The New York City, NY native shares some of his favorite moments in stand-up comedy and lets us know how he always owns the laughs.

Name: Harrison Tweed
Hometown: New York City, NY
Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat/Tik-Tok: @TweedyJokes
Years in Comedy: 9
Haven’t we seen you somewhere before: FourByThree Comedy “Put Em On Tape” episode
Comedic Influences: Maria Bamford, Richard Pryor, Sarah Silverman, Louis CK, Martin Lawrence, Mike Birbiglia, & Dane Cook
Favorite Comedy Album: Anthony Jeselnik “Shakespeare”
Favorite Comedy Special: Louis CK “Hilarious” & Nate Bargatze “Tennessee Kid”
Favorite Comedy Movie: The Big Lebowski & Happy Gilmore
Favorite Comedy TV Show: The Office & Vice Principals
Favorite Comedic Character: Dennis Reynolds
Favorite City to Perform In: Durham, NC
Favorite Topics to Joke About: White Guys
Favorite Type of Audience for a Comedy Show: Diverse and ranging in ages, around 9PM
Favorite Comedy Club: Goodnights Comedy Club

How did you discover your passion for comedy:
Oddly, I realized I wanted to be a comic from watching Funny People and thinking Seth Rogen’s character life was amazing.

What do you remember most about your first time performing stand-up comedy:
I was bombing, but got a laugh when I said “Welp I’m bombing right now.”

How would you describe your comedic style:
Goofy yet vulnerable

Describe your process for comedic writing:
I write on stage but usually have an anchor line or two to write around.

Describe the comedy scene in your area:

How do you judge success in the world of comedy:
Is that comedian doing the funniest and most original comedy they could possibly do and are they having fun and loving being on stage?

Who are some of your comedic peers that you enjoy watching perform or inspire you personally and professionally:
Andrew Casertano, Mia Faith Hammond, Drew Morgan, Ethan Simmons-Patterson, Jeff McBride, Rachel McCartney, Jenna Hall, Matt White, Mike Mello, & Jeremy Alder.

What’s been your most memorable moment in comedy:
I showcased for Bob Sumner, the booker of the original Def Comedy Jam, the next day he told me I was the best part of the night and reminded him of Martin Lawrence and Chappelle when he first saw them and was excited to see me develop.

What have you learned most from your failures in comedy:
If I don’t get something, it just means the next time around I’ll be an even better comedian. Not being seen until you become undeniable isn’t bad.

How do people react toward you when they realize that you can make people laugh:
People are sometimes blown away in the sense that they don’t come in with expectations because I’m pretty low-key. I also think they’re surprised I’m so articulate (Laughs).

Describe building a career in stand-up comedy:
It’s just about developing the ability to be funny on stage, then develop your own voice and material that’s undeniably your own voice, all the while earning the respect of peers and audience.

Best advice you’ve ever received from a comedian:
“It’s never the crowd, there’s always a way”

If you were releasing a comedy special this week, what would it be called:
“Russell Crowe Body”

Funniest encounter you’ve ever had with a celebrity:
I walked past Kobe Bryant in Amsterdam in 2010 and said “Kobe you’re my boy!” And he said “thanks bro.”

Weirdest place you’ve ever performed any form of comedy:
On a farm 40 feet from the audience.

A Harrison Tweed Fun Fact:
One time Sarah Jessica Parker winked at me.

Where would you like your laughs to take you:
Be known by every great comic as a “Great Comedian” and only being famous for my stand-up. Brian Regan-style of fame.

What would you tell a potential comedian if they ask you how they can own the laughs:
Just keep doing comedy all the time, every day, but allow yourself to be happy, if it’s meant to be you’ll be great.

What are your thoughts on the future of comedy:
I’m worried about it. I think social media and the merger of reality tv makes comedy much less interesting. I can’t imagine a Pryor or a Carlin coming up in this era and using the forms of success that are hot right now.

If you could write an episode for ONE classic TV sitcom, which show would it be and give a brief detailed sentence on the episode:
A “Friends” episode. The characters realize they only date other white people and try to be more active in trying to date other people.

If you could choose ONE comedy club and THREE comedians to perform with on your perfect comedy show, how would it go:
Goodnights w/ Maria Bamford, Andrew Casertano, Nate Bargatze, Mia Faith Hammond, and mid 2000s Chappelle

What’s next for you:
Trying to write a short film

Why should a person always laugh at life:
We’re all gonna die soon and the world is ending and that’s kinda hilarious.

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