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Ready Set Blow w/ Randy Valerio Feat. Nacya Marreiro [Podcast]


Stand-up comedians who are ready to take the world by storm have many early historic stops along the road to verging superstardom, and this podcast is one of the most important.

Ready Set Blow w/ Randy Valerio is a weekly podcast hosted by Los Angeles comedian Randy Valerio as he sits down with comedians, entertainers, professionals, and friends to discuss life, relationships, careers, opinions, and current events.

Randy Valerio: Randy is a Los Angeles-based comedian and podcaster originally hailing from Queens, New York. After going to a fancy Ivy League university and spending over a decade as an investment banker, Randy decided he was tired of being able to pay his bills on time and jumped head-first into stand-up comedy. Randy’s style of comedy reflects his diverse upbringing in New York City by an immigrant father from the Dominican Republic and a German-Irish mother, his experiences as a single man in his 30s, and the everyday absurdities we all take part in but never seem to notice. He got his start in the Boston comedy scene in 2016 and began taking his act on the road opening for Jeff Dye (The Tonight Show, NBC’s Better Late Than Never, Last Comic Standing) beginning in the summer of 2018, performing in over 35 cities across the country. Randy has also opened for such other comics as Donnell Rawlings, Chris Franjola, and Dean Delray. In January 2020, Randy had the opportunity to perform internationally for the first time in Australia at the Fringe World Festival, and in 2021, he was featured at the Idaho Comedy Fest. During the pandemic, Randy was able to grow a nascent Instagram following to over 39K followers, having his jokes reposted by BuzzFeed.com, TheChive.com, and various meme accounts with a combined 50M+ following. He is also the host of the weekly Ready Set Blow podcast, which was included in the first annual Boston Podfest at Laugh Boston comedy club in 2018.

This week, Randy welcomes comedian Nacya Marreiro to the podcast. Randy opens up by asking Nacya about all the different countries she’s lived in. Nacya talks about the difficulty of finding a side hustle that wont impact her comedy career. Randy asks Nacya about the difference between dating men vs. dating women. This leads to a conversation about what Nacya is looking for in a relationship. The two get into a discussion of the strange kinks people get into. They close with the news – a woman’s side hustle as a surrogate wife and the percentage of US workers who have had sex with a co-worker.

Nacya Marreiro: Nacya Marreiro is a stand-up comedian and actress born and raised in the coastal city of Portimao, in the South of Portugal. At 21, she left Portugal to become an international flight attendant at a prestigious airline in the United Arab Emirates. While traveling the world she started performing stand-up comedy in diverse cities such as Abu Dhabi, New York City, Washington D.C, and Dallas. Her unique style and flair on stage has grown from open mics into opening up for Whitney Cummings, April Macie, and Adam Ray. Nacya is also a trained actress, who currently works with the well-respected Juilliard alum and movie actress, Mona Lee. Most recently she completed filming on the short film “Down Mexico Way” and can be seen in the film “Moving Valentine” currently available on Amazon Prime. She can also be seen in commercials for Amazon and Omega XL .

Nacya currently lives in Austin, Texas, where she runs the popular comedy show called The Riff at the infamous Creek and the Cave. The success of this show has led to top comedians making guest appearances, such as Joe Rogan and Chris Redd. The Riff was also part of 2022’s New York Comedy Festival. She has performed at Skankfest 21 and began her West Coast tour alongside world known headliners.

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