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The Love & Comedy w/ Drew Shafer & Aurora Singh Feat. Raedene Harborth [Podcast]


These two are married to the game in more ways than one.

The Love & Comedy is a weekly podcast where comedians Drew Shafer and Aurora Singh discuss love and comedy with their colorful comedian friends. Their in-depth interviews answer the questions everyone wants to know about dating while pursuing a career in stand-up comedy. 

The twist? Not only are they married to the stage, they’re married to each other!

Drew Shafer: Drew Shafer got his start in comedy when he tried out for his 3rd-grade talent show as a comedian and was told by his teachers that he should find new talent. Drew did what any other kid would do (not listen to his teacher) and continued doing comedy. Drew was the class president, a frequent pep rally host, and the emcee for many charity events throughout high school and college. Drew even qualified for the National Forensics League national tournament in student congress! He finally took the stage as a comedian in 2013 and hasn’t looked back since. Drew is a stand-up comedian, comedy writer, actor, and former rapping high school math teacher. Only one of those ever paid the bills, and it definitely wasn’t for the rapping. Drew blends self-deprecation, clever wordplay, and charming awkwardness to bring an energized and fun show everywhere he goes. Don’t be fooled by his resemblance to the secret love child of Drew Carey and Ellen Degeneres, Drew does have a dark side. He will have audiences saying both “aww” and “wow” in the same joke.

Aurora Singh: Aurora Singh blessed her immigrant parents with her arrival into the world in January 1992 and continuously doused her sparkle upon the world as she grew up in Sacramento, California in the good ol’ Catholic school system. You won’t regret the deep belly laughs you experience as a result of her hilarious straightforward real comedy. Eight years of comedy on her belt performing with great names like Kabir Singh (Kabeezy), Joey Diaz, Steve Simone, Taylor Tomlinson, and Felipe Esparza! Her mom has even been quoted saying, “she’s hilarious!” Ready to ride the giggle train? You won’t be disappointed!

In this week’s episode, comedian Raedene Harborth has sent in so many amazing questions, so, they decided to ask HER some questions too. Raedene is one of Sacramento’s most energetic and talented young comics and a joy to be around, so we lost track of time in all the fun and got a strong “young comic” perspective on early comedy advice and mistakes.

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