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Jeremiah Nation “You Dumb B*tch” Comedy Special [Video]


Please be warned that this comedy special is not suitable for work, let alone any respectable version of life, and we are all here for it.

Central Valley California comedy veteran Jeremiah Nation is ready to take his fans on a wild but fantastic comedic journey with the release of his debut comedy special titled You Dumb B*tch. He is well-known by many for his unpredictable humor and wild stories as father, grandfather, bartender, and military veteran, Jeremiah delivers an outstanding performance in front of his peers as shares his thoughts on relationships, body preferences, handling conflict, and so much more.

Allow this man to take you to the deepest and driest parts of your mind as you’ll laugh harder than ever before.

Jeremiah Nation: Jeremiah Nation is a Central Valley stand-up comedian, writer, and co-founder of the Tulareous Comedy production group. He has toured throughout the West Coast and has published pieces of short fiction such as “Swimming with Sharks” and “A Survivors Hunt.” Nation is known for his high-octane “in your face” delivery and radical, irreverent satire that can best describe an adult fringe. His loveable hate leaves audiences reeling for more. Nation is also a proud father, grandpa, and Marine Corps Veteran.

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