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Kate Sisk “Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring” Performance [Video]


During a hilarious performance on Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring, comedian Kate Sisk jokes about life as a retired professional soccer player, the trick to becoming a millennial homeowner and speaking Spanish to their dog.

Kate Sisk: Kate Sisk (he/she/they) is a professional stand-up comedian, amateur drag king, and retired soccer player from Massachusetts. Based in Brooklyn, New York, Kate is an alumnus of UCB’s Harold Night, a contributing writer for The Onion, and a recent participant in the NBC Late Night Writers Workshop. Kate’s stand-up comedy about life as a gender-nonconforming person and former member of the Puerto Rico Women’s National Soccer Team has earned Kate appearances in the HBO Women In Comedy Festival and the Finals of the Boston Comedy Festival. Kate is also the former co-host of the award-winning podcast, We’re Having Gay Sex. Outside of comedy, Kate enjoys family, fishing, birdwatching, salamandering, gardening, grilling, IPAs, the Red Sox, and of course, soccer.

Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring: Half-hour stand-up specials have been a staple of the Comedy Central brand since the 90s. Even though the name of the TV show changed a few times and the airings have shifted online. Regardless, they are still alive and going strong.

Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents, formerly known as The Half Hour, is an American stand-up comedy television series that airs on Comedy Central in the United States. The program features various stand-up comedians in each episode. It replaced the similar program Comedy Central Presents in 2012.

Every episode features an up-and-coming comedian or sometimes a group performing an original set of stand-up. The first four seasons of the show where filmed at the Royale theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. Beginning with the fifth season, the comedians now perform their sets at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was announced that a sixth season was picked up with 14 new stand-up comedians given their own set. It was also announced that the show will be retitled Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents.

The Half Hour shines a spotlight on some of the funniest and most unusual voices in stand-up comedy.