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The Kim Congdon Takeover Feat. Haley D. [Podcast]


You loved her on This B*tchKill TonySkankfest, and The Joe Rogan Experiencebut now, she’s ready to TAKEOVER the podcast world all on her own.

The Kim Congdon Takeover is a weekly podcast where comedian/gamer Kim Congdon goes one-on-one with your favorite comedians, musicians, athletes, entertainment personalities, and more as they discuss various current topics, including fashion, cannabis, entertainment, social issues, and comedy.

Kim Congdon: Kimberly Congdon is a comedian and actress residing in Los Angeles. She has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, along with several stand-up showcase appearances all across the U.S. Furthermore, she has been a guest on several elite Podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, Getting Doug with High, Kill Tony, and more. Congdon regularly performs stand-up comedy at the New York Comedy Club in Midtown & East Village and many other NYC comedy clubs. When she’s not on stage telling jokes or roasting the crowd, you can catch her co-hosting her podcast, “Broad Topix” available on all podcast platforms.

In her latest episode titled Murder Mystery, Kim sits down with her sister Haley, and they try to solve a murder mystery. Who killed this white woman? and why do all the teachers look like p3 doez?

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