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Kalea McNeill “Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring” Performance [Video]


During a hilarious performance on Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring, stand-up comedian Kalea McNeill shares all the strangest details of her time on the road, from a deeply bizarre hotel room to learning that poutine is not what she thought it was.

Kalea McNeill: An actor and stand-up comedian who has hosted many live shows and events, honing in on her quick wit and signature style. McNeill hit the stand-up scene hard performing in legendary clubs such as The Comedy Store. In 2017, McNeill booked her first television role as a co-star on TNT’s Animal Kingdom. Since then, she has booked a recurring role on CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and various guest/co-star spots on FX, CBS, TruTV and TNT. You can watch her standup on Amazon Prime Video’s Laugh After Dark and her upcoming for her comedy special Sma’am.

Comedy Central Stand-Up Featuring: Half-hour stand-up specials have been a staple of the Comedy Central brand since the 90s. Even though the name of the TV show changed a few times and the airings have shifted online. Regardless, they are still alive and going strong.

Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents, formerly known as The Half Hour, is an American stand-up comedy television series that airs on Comedy Central in the United States. The program features various stand-up comedians in each episode. It replaced the similar program Comedy Central Presents in 2012.

Every episode features an up-and-coming comedian or sometimes a group performing an original set of stand-up. The first four seasons of the show where filmed at the Royale theatre in Boston, Massachusetts. Beginning with the fifth season, the comedians now perform their sets at the Civic Theatre in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was announced that a sixth season was picked up with 14 new stand-up comedians given their own set. It was also announced that the show will be retitled Comedy Central Stand-Up Presents.

The Half Hour shines a spotlight on some of the funniest and most unusual voices in stand-up comedy.