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Misery Loves Mandy Feat. Cattien Le [Podcast]


Misery Loves Mandy is a Mostly Happy Podcast hosted by comedian Mandy Martino; weekly comedians discuss miserable moments and whether or not they made them into jokes.

Mandy Martino: Mandy Martino is a stand-up comedian, writer and actress. Originally from South Florida, Mandy received her Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Central Florida in business, which helps her professionally write dick jokes. While in college she began her comedy career at SAKs Comedy Lab and The Orlando Improv.

Once in LA she continued her love for comedy where she followed her SNL idols and studied at The Groundlings Theater and School. You can find Mandy performing stand-up all around Los Angeles.

In this week’s episode, Cattien Le is miserable about the birth control shot, dating “friendly” men and trusting a fart.

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