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First Date w/ Lauren Compton Feat. Drew Lynch [Podcast]


First Date with Lauren Compton, a weekly podcast where first impressions will NEVER be forgotten.

Finding a decent person to date is hard work, and comedian/viral content creator Lauren Compton is here to get to the bottom of it. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it. Weekly, Lauren invites celebrity guests on to have a first date with her and figures out how many red flags they have, if they’re dateable, AND if there will be a second date! Dating is a wild ride… strap in!

Lauren Compton: The Dallas native has amassed quite the following across all forms of social media with her highly-entertaining content, although her IG bio recommends that you “don’t show your mom.” Actress and standup comedian known for appearing on Showtime’s I’m Dying Up Here and HBO’s Here, Now. She also earned a leading role in the Justin Lin feature film HELP. Compton is a regular performer at various high-profile comedy clubs, including Comedy Mothership and Hollywood Improv.

This week, Compton’s welcomes back stand-up comedian/actor Drew Lynch.

This week Lauren invites comedian, Drew Lynch on a first date. Drew made his debut on America’s Got Talent where his story was made recognizable by his stutter. Lauren learns more about his brain injury and stutter. When she asks about his wife, Drew jumps right into the Dessert question and explains his adorable proposal. Spoiler: it involves 400 cows. Things get exciting during the rapid fire Tasting Menu. During the actual Dessert question, we get to learn some new things about Lauren.

Drew Lynch: “Do something every day that scares you” is a motto Drew lives by. In 2015, Drew Lynch captured the hearts of America with his Golden Buzzer performance on Season 10 of America’s Got Talent. “The person I was before would probably never hangout with who I am today” is the statement that resonated most in capturing audiences across the country, as they fell in love with his charming wit and genuine vulnerability every week of the competition.

Drew becoming a comedian was almost as unintentional as capturing America’s hearts. At the young age of 19, Drew moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming an actor; a dream he had since he was a kid. A freak accident just a year into his acting career left Drew with a severe stutter and crushed his hopes of ever performing again.

But his continued drive to become an entertainer forced him in a different direction, often reflecting on the “softball that humbly changed his life and gave him a career”. The relatability of Drew’s real-life situations in dealing with a stutter propelled him each week of the competition – advancing to the finals and ultimately landing second place on season 10 of America’s Got Talent. Drew attributes much of his success from his ability to be honest- genuinely facing the “elephant in the room” head on.
Drew has made comedy his full time career, headlining comedy clubs all over the world.

In addition, Drew has appeared on the Dr. Oz show, and will be appearing as a celebrity guest on the game show Idiot Test. Drew is collaborating on a book, and ultimately becoming the actor he always dreamed of, with a now different and enlightened perspective on who he thought he was, and who he is today.

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