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We Own The Laughs Top 10 Actors/Directors Who Started As Stand-Up Comedians


Television and film have seen many talented performers travel many different miles on their road to becoming superstars in the world of entertainment. For some talented men and women, that first mile to stardom began with their unique forms of humor on display for audiences nightly as a stand-up comedian. Today, we will be highlighting 10 of the best stand-up comedians who would eventually go on to become legendary actors and directors as We Own The Laughs presents Top 10 Actors/Directors Who Started as Stand-Up Comedians.

The video features the following:

*Award-winning achievements from Donald Glover.

*A moment in the 1980s that made Larry David begin to curb his enthusiasm.

*How Lily Tomlin went from a famous catchphrase to one of the most-groundbreaking figures in comedy.

*Billy Crystal’s adult nightlife history as a child.

*Jim Carrey’s move of a lifetime.

*Jamie Foxx using his art of impersonation to become a global superstar.

*The rise of Whoopi Goldberg’s film career as she was discovered by one of Hollywood’s biggest directors after watching her one-woman play on broadway.

*Simon Pegg spending most of his university days in a comedy club rather than a classroom.

and so much more.

Do you agree with our list? Would you like to give us your opinions on some of the actors and directors that got their start in stand-up? Please leave a comment below and discuss with fans some of your likes, dislikes, and fascinating facts that you’ve learned from this video.

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