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Monique Flores Stand-Up Comedy Special From The Comedy Cube [Video]


Finding a way to become the center of attention in a big family can be very difficult at times. But for this female comedian from Southern California, this task was fairly simple thanks to her unique sense of humor. Treating the stage like a family showcase, Monique Flores entertains the audience at the Funny Media Group’s “Comedy Cube” in Los Angeles, California with an incredible 20 min set.

Monique Flores is a stand-up comic in bloom. Since age 7, Monique has called L.A. home, whereas as a young girl, she fantasized about someday being a stand-up comic. After graduating college Monique started a career in Real Estate. After the housing bubble popped, Monique decided to pursue her childhood dream and took comedy on full time. Now Monique entertains audiences all across California performing at comedy clubs like; The Ice House, Laugh Factory, Punch Line & Improv. Much of Monique’s humor is drawn from her family life, as well as her own daily experiences. Coming from a huge family, Monique characterizes many of them in her on-stage tales. Monique is both energetic and physical, crafting comical cracks and observations.


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