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Ms. Red Stand-Up Comedy Special From The Comedy Cube [Video]


When you’re starting in stand-up comedy, one of the first pieces of advice a veteran comic will tell you is, “At the end of the day, just be yourself, and you’ll be successful.” The best comedians in the world treat every stage they appear on as their living room and audience as just a good conversation between close friends. Charlotte Garcia has never had a problem being herself around anyone she comes across, which has earned her the right to be considered one of the premier female comedians on the west coast. Recently, Ms. Red entertained the good crowd of her peers at the Funny Media Group’s “Comedy Cube” in Los Angeles, California, with an incredible 20 min set.

Best known for her signature red hair, Charlotte Garcia gifted herself with the stage name of Ms. Red or Ms. Red Jessica Rabbit. Growing up in what she considered a negative household all her life, California native Garica found stand-up comedy to release all of the pain that she was feeling inside.

Garcia’s comedy career began through very odd circumstances, always writing jokes in her notepad but never feeling quite ready to present them on stage. One night at a bar, she overheard a comedy show producer talking about needing an opening comedian for one of his upcoming shows. Knowing that the producer was looking for a new fresh face, Charlottle would use this opportunity to introduce herself and express her interest in being a part of the show. Feeling that she impressed the producer with her quick wit and desire to perform, the following evening, Garcia would appear at Chocolate Sundaes inside the legendary Laugh Factory in West Hollywood, California, with thoughts of making her stand-up comedy debut. Once she arrived at the venue, it was revealed that the show producer never put Charlotte on the list to perform as he only showed interest in her the previous evening for sexual gain.

Devasted by the news but determined to begin her comedy career, Charlotte would go on to accept the club offer of free admission into the event. While sitting in the front row, Garcia would dare the show host to give her some stage time with the idea that she could do a better job than him. The host would accept her offer and allow her a few minutes of stage time. Taking advantage of a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Garcia left the crowd in awe leading to a stand ovation and the birth of a star.

Ms. Red’s comedy influences are Bill Bellamy, D.L. Hugley, Katt Williams, Dave Chappelle, and George Lopez. Since her legendary night at the Laugh Factory, Garcia has been featured at various comedy clubs throughout California, performing alongside Kevin Tate, Cat Ce, G-King, and more.

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