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Girls On Guys w/ Nina Tarr & Liam Cullagh Feat. Daniella Pineda [Podcast]


Girls on Guys is a dating and relationship horror stories podcast hosted by comedians Nina Tarr and Liam Cullagh. Each episode features a different broad aka female guest, who does their best to steer Liam away from the embarrassing mistakes he (and most men) make by sharing their own strange encounters with the male species. 

In this week’s episode, Liam actually makes some good decisions for once. Nina and Daniella reminisce about their wild early 2000s high school experiences. We discuss the difference between playful jealousy versus toxic jealousy, dating app disparities and if someone you’re dating is friends with their ex, is that sign of emotional maturity or a potential red flag? And how do you cope with your partner’s annoying habits?

Girls on Guys Hosts:
Nina Tarr: Nina Tarr is a Persian-American stand-up, actor, writer, and producer, from Southern California. She was recently honored as a New Face of Comedy at Just For Laughs. She is a featured storyteller on Viceland’s PARTY LEGENDS. She is a TV writer on MOSTLY 4 MILLENNIALS on ADULT SWIM. Nina’s also written and starred in popular videos for BUZZFEED. She played a co-starring role in the DOPE STATE for Starburns Industries and played a lead role in the short film, CAR STEALERS. She recurred on MTV’s HIGH CRIMES and starred as herself in the MTV pilot, FLICKERLAB. Before that, she played the lead role of Veronica in the indie feature RED RAINCOATS. She also just wrapped production playing a lead role on her second feature comedy, ADVENTURES IN SUCCESS. In 2017 she performed standup on a 6-week US and Canada tour featuring for an experimental pop musician, Ariel Pink.

Liam Cullagh: This comedian has mastered the game of spinning normal characters and situations into absurd and twisted ones. His comedy sketches have amassed hundreds of thousands of online views and when there isn’t a global pandemic he performs standup comedy in Boston. From reenacting a college guy who didn’t get balloons for his 21st birthday to creating mockumentary about a spiritual retreat just for guys, he has encapsulated a generation of humor. 

This Week’s Special Guest:

Daniella Pineda: Daniella Pineda was an American actress born on February 20, 1987 in Oakland, California. Pineda graduated from Mills College in Oakland with degrees in sociology and radio journalism. She made her acting debut in an episode of “Men of a Certain Age” (TNT, 2010), but Pineda made her biggest impact at the beginning of her career online. She starred in a number of sketch comedy videos on CollegeHumor, as part of their “CH Originals” series, from 2010 to 2011 and appeared in fashion tutorial videos on YouTube. Pineda made her film debut in “Newlyweds” (2011), an independent film directed by Edward Burns. She played Sophie Devereaux in an episode of “The Vampire Diaries” (The CW, 2009-2017), which served as a backdoor pilot for spin-off “The Originals” (The CW, 2013- ). Pineda was part of the main cast of the latter, but left the show after the first season because her character was written off. She starred on the short-lived thriller series “American Odyssey” (NBC, 2015), and appeared in the generally well-regarded independent film “Sleeping with Other People” alongside Jason Sudeikis and Alison Brie. Pineda was part of the main cast of “The Detour” (TBS, 2016- ), playing Vanessa Randall, and starred in “Mr. Roosevelt” (2017), actress Noel Wells’ directorial debut. She landed her largest role to date playing a female lead in the blockbuster “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” (2018).