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Broad Topix w/ Kim Congdon & Alex Scarlato [Podcast]


From near-death experiences to naming their vaginas, you can always count on the comedic commentary of a barefoot Floridian and a boisterous ballerina, as Kim Congdon and Alex Scarlato tackle an endless variety of Broad Topix.

Past notable guests to join the Broad Topix podcast: Dan Soder, Mark Normand, Zac Amico, & Luis J. Gomez. Broad Topix is LIVE every THURSDAY at 9:30 PM ET ONLY on GaS Digital, Or catch the YouTube Premiere SUNDAY at 11PM ET.

On this week’s episode of Broad Topix, best friends Kim Congdon & Alex Scarlato are in Los Angeles at Casa De La Kim to talk breakup stories, getting haunted by your ex’s, revaluating whether or not they’re rollercoaster people anymore, Kim gives a moving eulogy for Alex’s hypothetical funeral and so much more!

Meet The “Broad Topix” Cast:
Kimberly Congdon is a comedian and actress residing in Los Angeles. She has appeared on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle, along with several stand-up showcase appearances all across the U.S. Furthermore, she has been a guest on several elite Podcasts like The Joe Rogan Experience, Getting Doug with High, Kill Tony, and more. Congdon regularly performs stand-up comedy at the New York Comedy Club in Midtown & East Village and many other NYC comedy clubs. When she’s not on stage telling jokes or roasting the crowd, you can catch her co-hosting her podcast, “Broad Topix” available on all podcast platforms.

You may know Alex Scarlato from producing such shows at GaS Digital as Legion Of Skanks, Bi-Guys, and many others. She has her own podcast with comedian Kim Congdon, “Broad Topix” on the network.

You can listen to all of the previous episodes of Broad Topix w/ Kim Congdon & Alex Scarlato right now on Spotify.